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I have observed that  Kashmiris  now eat a lot of Bakery stuff .  Though they have their own indigenous Bakery known as KANDHAR- WAAN , yet the consumption of cakes , Patties , Biscuits , Pastries  and other bakery products is on a steady rise in Kashmir valley. There used to be   three or four  good Bakery shops in the city  some two decades back and the same have now increased to more than 150 at the moment . I  vividly remember only  Ahdoo’s Bakery  shop  serving  to city’s elite . Then came Gee Enn Bakery shop, followed by John Bakers Dalgate  Mughal Darbar  and many more . lately we have one more Bakery outlet  Chain  known as HAT TRICK  in  Srinagar city . This unit has several outlets in the city . The Bakery , Wazwaan, fast foods , Harissa, sweets,Tandoori and Non vegetarian snacks sold by this unit are certainly mouth watering . I have visited this outlet at Rajbagh Srinagar and the Chicken Tikka , Cakes and Pine Apple pastries sold over there is a class in itself.

There is a clear division amongst Bakery buyers in kashmir which is  based essentially on purchasing power. A good number of people still visit the traditional and cheaper  KANDHAR- WAAN or  indigenous Bakery   shop  for purchase of Kulchaa, Bread , Tseoch Vorr and Lawass every day . 

You can find them  waiting outside the traditional Kandhar -Waan ( kashmiri Bakery )for their turn  for fresh Bread ( Tseot or Lawaas ) for the morning tea. This is the time for gossip as well. The traditional Baker ( Kandhur ) and his waiting  buyers keep wiping tears from their eyes . Tears brought by smoke in the shop created by burning of timber in the baker’s furnace or Tandoor.Not only the smoke  that keeps coming from the Tandoor  of the baker , You face discrimination as well. I have many times heard impatient buyers  complaining :-
“ Yemiss Tche Deututhh Su Aav  vienn . Mei Guvv Akh Gantaa Praaraan . Mei  Chhha  beyi  Praarun . ”
“ You have given the bread to a person who came just now . I have been waiting for the last one hour . Have I to wait still ?”
“ Hey mei Guvv Tcheir . Mei  Pyaan Garrie shalakh  ”
 “I am late . I shall get a good beating at my place .”
“ Kyaa sa Assi kar iyaa Vaarie . Mei  oussuyee bag Troavmut . Tche kattie Paiyee Oarr nazar ”
“ when shall my turn come ? I had kept the bag with you . You have not seen that .”
“ Mei chhu Basaan Ammi Khoataa Chhu jaan Double  Tcheott Kheiunn . Yeti Chhu sirf Daehh Ivaan achhhunn ” “
“ I think it is better to go for a Sliced bread than wait over here under smoke ”
“ Kyaa sa Zeuinn Anizihay Hoakh . Tche Maarithh Ammi Daehh saaet ”
“ You should have bought Dry Timber . You have just made us sick with this smoke . ”

 Modern bakery buyers need not shed tears . They happily buy   Bakery for functions and daily consumption in Bag loads . Oh yes the modern bakery buyer  has to  keep his  Lipid profile and  Blood sugar level  under observation ' Permit me to  conclude with some couplets of Urdu Poet Juan Elia ......

 kis se izhaar-e-muddaa keejiye.
 Aap milte nahin hain, kyaa keejiye.
 Aap thhay  jiske chaaraagar vo javaan,
 Sakht beemaar hain, du’aa kieejiye.
  Mujh ko aadat hai Ruuth jaane ki,
 Aap mujh ko manaa liyaa Keejiye.

( Autar Mota ...20th March 2013 .... Time 00.15 AM. Good Night . )                                                                           

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