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 (Photos  Autar Mota)

Swarga Hawaa Praraan Anawaarey
 Thhavie na kaanh meiti saazus Goash .
Ranga Tcheiri Vigeini Ta vunn Tche Haareiy
Yuthh Reishi Vaarie Vitasta Raatchh….

Soann Siendh Sangar Roapp Koahh Maalai
Marg Ta Baal Chhei  Poashei  Poash
Koall Raavaan Amrit Naett Naarey
Yuthh Reishi Vaarie Vitasta  Raatchh..

(  lines from opera vitasta composed by kashmiri Poet  Dina Nath Naadim )

The Breeze from Heaven  Waits and waits
For Any one to listen to its  Soothing  music ..
The Territory  of colorful birds, The fairies and sparrows ,
O Vitasta !You are the guardian of this land.......

Golden are your Mountains And silvery are the peaks
The Hills and the valleys are nothing but flowers .
Pitcher loads  of Amrita flows down your streams ,
O Vitasta !You are the guardian of this land.......

TEEL GOGUL FULAI or Mustard Flower Blooms are a treat to enjoy this time in Kashmir.Should you move in villages or in the outskirts of Srinagar city  , you notice them  everywhere. And this yellow colour   represents wisdom, concentration, cheerfulness, auspiciousness , optimism, energy, intellectuality, spiritual enlightenment and confidence. 

After this crop , the scene totally changes in Kashmir with villagers busy in paddy plantation .I have opened this mini write up with lines from Dina Nath Naadim's opera VTASTA , I need to close with  Quatrain of FAIZ .....

Hazaar Dard Shabe Arzoo ki Raah Mein hain,
Koyee  Thikaana Bataao ki Qaafilaa Utray.
Kareeb Aur Bhi Aao ki Shouq e Deed Mittay ,
Sharaab Aur Pilaao ki kuchh Nashaa Utray

( Faiz Ahmed Faiz )

The path to the night of desire is filled with thousand aches ,
Grant me some shelter for this Caravan to halt.
Be close to me for my eager eyes to get satiated ,
Bring more wine for this intoxication to wear off.

(  Autar Mota , 16.03.2013 Saturday 11.55 PM . Good Night ..  )

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