Wednesday, February 3, 2010



“such doctors are rare and it  is  they who bring honour to their society”. 
Prof. Riyaz Punjabi, Vice Chancellor KU

 Photo " Dr Sushil Razdan  (Spectacles ) with his father ''
“He is a dervish and a saint who treats every one equally . I Knew his father Sat lal ji. What a person he was .It shall take us centuries to come near to the father son duo in their humanity and behaviour. Every kashmiri should be proud of them .”

Said Abdul Samad Baktoo who was waiting to get his daughter examined .Mr Baktoo had brought Haak and some lotus stems ( Nadru ) for the doctor ." If he does not accept it , that shall break my heart . He saved my wife from death. He has never asked for fee . we force him to accept it . ” added Baktoo while waiting for his turn outside Dr Razdan’s clinic at Bhagwati nagar jammu .

Here is a doctor who is loved by every one in our State . calm , Cool , Intelligent , Helpful and caring ,Dr Sushil Razdan DM Neurology happens to be illustrious son of an equally illustrious father late Sat lal Razdan ( affectionately called as Masterji by his numerous students ) eminent Headmaster of CMS Tyndale Biscoe School srinagar .Visit his clinic cum house at Bhagwati nagar Jammu to see crowds . One patient and four persons accompanying to have a glimpse Dr Sushil Razdan . Patients keep coming to him from far off places in valley such as Tanghdar and Kupwara since 1990.As a matter of fact 60 percent of his patients are from Kashmir valley only. Who did not condole the sad demise of his father sat lal ji in April 2009? . Who did not write articles on Sat lal ji   in leading news papers of the state ?The family has given much to Kashmir , never expecting any thing in return.

Dr Sushil Razdan was a professor of neurology at SKIMS soura Kashmir before moving out in 1990.When this doctor visited Kashmir valley after his migration , crowds thronged to see him wherever he went .  Beginning his day at dawn, He saw hundreds of patients most of them free . Some just came to see his face . He skipped his meals many times to see them .And he  commands enormous respect from his patients .

God keep him fit and healthy.

Hazaron saal Nargis Apni Benoori pe rotee hai ,
Badi Mushkil Se Hotaa hai Chaman me Deedawar Paida.
( Allama Iqbal )

( For thousand years the daffodil has wept ,
for an eye that would render it whole;
Just once in an epoch a person is born ,
who posseses the power of the eye of the soul. )