Saturday, August 8, 2009


Agar Dohan Aissi Hisaab Bozuv,
Doh Yimay Aiss Yivaan Sonteik,
Shuhul Havaa Ouss Haaenth Bremijin,
Vachhass Divaan Sar Ta Daala  Maaraan,
Bepuchh Bahaaruss Harud Vanaan ouss,
Kapas Vovithh Chha Badan Valaan Khaah,
Mushuk Valithh Aav Vaav Sountuk,
Dichin Bashaarat.
Yimav Qadam Kaed  garav Neubar,
Tim Na Aayee Phirithh,
Na Tchhaandei Sountan .

( Farooq Nazki )

Should we revisit our days gone by ?
Spring would visit us likewise
This spring breeze would frolic in the same way
With the bosom of flowering buds .
And the Autumn would  sardonically tell to undependable spring .

“ Earth does not Use the apparel should it grow cotton”

Bathed in Perfume ,
The spring has once again come this way ,
To spread its colours .
Alas! Those who stepped out of their homes
Did neither return,
Nor did this  spring seek their whereabouts .


Lines from the poem Naad Laayey ( I shall Call you Back ) by Noted Kashmiri Poet Farooq Nazki from his Sahitya Academy Award winning Book Naar Heutun Kazalwanas ( Kazalwan is on fire ) .Kazalwan is a dense forest range in Kashmir .

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