Wednesday, August 26, 2009



We opened a branch of the bank at Ganderbal Kashmir on 24.08.2009 and accordingly i was supposed to overlook the work relating to opening operations on saturday and sunday.I visited entire SUMBAL , TULAMULA, GANDERBAL , NUNAR , MANASBAL , KANGAN, WUSAN , MANIGAM and other SINDH VALLEY VILLAGES TO MOBILIZE BUSINESS for the new branch of the bank. Obviously i interacted with lot many people and officials of the area.The area has undergone rapid development in last two decades . Ganderbal town itself shows visible development . Roads are in good shape . The Manasbal lake is undergoing development .A Beautiful garden has come up near the lake . Kudos to Manasbal Development Authority for maintaining the ancient Three piece stone Shiva Temple and making 75% of the temple visible from the water of the spring wherein it had submerged totally. This temple is an excellent piece of ancient stone work possibly relating to early 8th centuary.The road from Manasbal to Sumbal is well maintained . So is the road from Ganderbal to Kangan.The views of Dense forests and gushing Sindh are breathtaking . I also went upto the head works of Sindh canal where from water is fed to Ganderbal power house and to Alastaing filteration Plant for supply to city. The sindh water is ice cold and good to taste . Some water from the Sindh canal is also used for irrigation in Ganderbal District. We also went to Mata kheer Bhawani temple .The water of the spring was deep blue on 23.08.2009. I have uploaded a view the ancient Shiva temple of Manasbal maintained by Manasbal Development Authority , a View of The spring of Mata Kheer Bhawani shrine, A view of Sindh River , A View of Sindh Canal supplying water to Ganderbal Power house and Alastaing filteration Plant, a view of the Manasbal garden and some other views of the area.
Enjoy them till my next upload.
A k Mota
Except Mata kheer Bhawani Temple and Shiva temple of Manasbal , all other views bear copyrights .


  1. Great pictures, do you have any pictures of the ganderbal power plant?

  2. Thanks for the comments. yes i do have some views of the power House .

  3. my dear sir,

    Thanks for your information in this blogspot.

    From my native- andhra pradesh, my relatives and my parents together would like to visit GANDERBAL for pushkaram festival scheduled tobe held on 19th december, Now I am working in new delhi, can u tell me, how to reach and the precautions for them to reach and for good snanam at pushkaram and facilities available there and the cliamate.

    If possible, can u give me missed call. i will cal u and give me ur number by mail i will call u.

    my email id:,
    my mobile: 09650721555 - new delhi

    With Kind Regards,


  4. It is not the correct time to visit srinagar and go to sangam (if u r referring Shadipora sangam )in view of biting cold. The temperature is minus 3 degrees at night .There may be no one around at Shadipora as well presently . summer would have been ideal . i do not know what Pushkaran are you referring to .


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