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 MAC  MOHAN ( 1938-2010)

 His real name was Mohan Makhijany (1938-2010 ). Born in Karachi ( Sindh) , he landed in Mumbai film world where he came to be known as Mac Mohan . Initially , he assisted Chetan Anand in shooting Haqeeqat .With the release of Sholay in 1975, he became *Sambha . Mac Mohan is perhaps the only actor in the history of Indian cinema to become famous for three words, “Poore Pachaas Hazaar,” (Full fifty thousands ) uttered on-screen. That was his response to Gabbar Singh’s (Amjad Khan) poser: “Arre o Sambha! Kitna inaam rakhe hai sarkar hum par?”

 Having acted in about 200 movies , he was also approached by some Hollywood directors and acted in one movie while some other projects did not materialse.Mac Mohan as he was known in most of his films , also acted in almost all regional movies as also in one Spanish and a Russian movie.He was a simple man with a flair for plying cricket. Mac Mohan was maternal uncle to actress Raveena Tandon. Bollywood actress , Raveena Tandon writes this :-

 “Mohan Mama was my favourite uncle and it was he who gave me the pet name Munmun. Whenever he travelled anywhere, he would always bring some gift for me. Never did it happen that he went to some place and return without a present for me. Since he was a bachelor for the longest time, we were all very thrilled when he got married. I remember dancing the most at his wedding ceremony. In contrast to his serious image, he was full of joie de vivre, and the life of every party. Considering his image, resulting from the characters he played on screen, people would be very surprised to see that he was not only kind and generous in real life, but also very helpful and compassionate towards others. For someone who played a villain in the movies, in real life, he was a hero for many people. “


( Avtar Mota )




 There is a story connected to word" Sambha." Salim Khan is reported to have insisted upon Javed Akhtar (Salim Javed duo ) to introduce two words Sambha and Ramgarh in the story which they wrote for blockbuster Sholay. Salim Khan's wife or Salman khan's real mother is from a Charak Rajput( Sushila Charak Khan) family hailing from a village in between Ramgarh and Sambha in Jammu . The names of these villages were frequently mentioned by Salim Khan''s wife and consequently were very popular in the family. Salim immortalised both the names through Sholay.


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