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( Kashmir photo 1960 by CL Sharma 'Tuliki' . Sh C L Sharma was chief artist of Hindustan Times, New Delhi . He was an ace photographer.) 

To this photo I add my Kashmiri poem, 'Aessi rov oul ' or ' we lost our home'...

   ( Aessi rov oul )

" Pazaritcha pustak kis prath varaqas
taem deuut siyaah rangan hund feish
Baalav Pyath vatch raavan Sena
Basti rott akh nov Opdesh
Jangalan kun draav Janki Natha
Tchhal saet khaarikh paandav both
Nav Ramayan nav Mahabharata
Raavan Shakuni sundh atharott
Draupdi byei guv vastra haran az
Bhagwaanan deut az kanna dol
Kya paai taem kya lobh kya prov
Assi rov neab , nagar beyi oul"

( Avtar Mota)

My English translation is as under:-

( We lost our home)  

(On every page of that truthful book,
 they splashed black ink to disfigure everything.
Down came Ravana's army from the mountains
and a new preaching spread in the settlements below.
Sri Rama was driven to the jungle,
And the Pandavas were exiled by deceit.
A new Ramayana,
A new Mahabharata for us , 
when Ravana and Shakuni joined hands .
Today once again they snatched Draupadi's clothes,
But today, Sri Krishna paid no heed to her cries.
Who knows what they gained or found ? 
But we lost our home, city and our address .)

(Avtar Mota)

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