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Majrooh has written about 2000 odd songs for about 300 films. Unlike Sahir,  you confront two persons in this name ; Majrooh,  the serious Urdu poet and Majrooh,  the film song writer.   I know both  as I have read Majrooh the Urdu poet and heard some beautiful songs composed by Majrooh the film lyricist . From K.L. Saigal to Shah Rukh Khan, his songs  understood   the language of every generation. Through his songs , he  could convey  sensuality ,  dreams , passion. love and rejection. Majrooh didn’t allow age to touch his heart or  his art. 

Majrooh’s  song , "Chhupa lo yoon dil mein pyaar mera"  (Mamta, 1966) has always been my favourite .With Roshan’s soothing   and unforgettable music,  using Raag Yaman  , the song is still  there , always fresh , although it is about 55 years old now. This unusual love song  sung by Hemant Kumar  and  Lata Mangeshker and picturised on Ashok Kumar and Suchitra Sen,  aptly conveys the feelings of suchitra Sen and Ashok Kumar in the movie. If you are unable to show it to the world, hide your love  in your heart like the sacred flame burning inside  a temple  This flame  may  illuminate every dark recess of the heart . The song uses other religious motifs like the flower laid at the feet of the deity ,sacred ash that a devotee smears upon his forehead etc.  There is something special about the way the song attracts your attention . 

" Rahein na rahein hum,Mehka karenge" is another Roshan,Lata and Majrooh creation that remains my favourite.


Ananad Bakshi  must have written about 3500 film songs  . He worked with every singer , every composer and  almost every production house .Some people had issues with his songs but at a point of time , every alternate person in India used to sing songs that he penned. Anand Bakshi remains a good film lyricist .I have not read his non film poetry .
One song that remains my favourite is “ Kuchh to log Kahenge “ that Bakshi wrote for Amar Prem (1971 ) .Sung by Kishore Kumar and picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, this song retains its popularity even when it is about 50 years old. That is the magic of R. D. Burman  , Kishore Kumar and Anand Bakshi . While the father ,  S. D. Burman was a minimalist, Pancham built his individual Identity by creating  a  music based on folk, jazz and Indian classical. R. D. was greatly influenced by Raag Khamaj. The song under discussion is also based on Khamaaj. In the song ‘ Kuchh To Log Kahenge ‘, the notes of Khamaj merge into Raag Kalavati.  R.D.  knew exactly which song to give to which singer. If he made  Asha Bhosle  sing'  Piya tu ab to aaja ' , he gave  'Raina beeti jaaye ' to Lata Ji. Both selections proved absolutely correct.

“People will say something or the other, it’s their business to talk,
Ignore it, lest the night ends in these useless things’

This is what Rajesh Khanna intends to convey to Sharmila Tagore through the song and succeeds in conveying that one should not be afraid of worldly ways and slander  when even Lord Rama’s wife ( Sita ) had to face it. Cogently , he also conveys that those who preach , seldom practice it.
"Hum bewafa hargiz na thay" is another R.D. ,Kishore and Anand Bakshi creation that  remains my  favourite..This song is also based on Raag Khamaj, R.D.'s favourite Raaga.

So Long so much ..

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