Thursday, November 19, 2020

MY POEM " New Merchants "

My Kashmiri poem 'Naev Baapaer '  or ' New Merchants'..

(Naev Baapaer)

"Kath penji beuthuk Kath vaanas gokh
Yim gayi zakhman  hiend taajir
Shraakh muris manz zevi naabad chukh
Zeiv phirnas manz yim  maahir
Yina zeiv kholakh ya dokh baavakh
Athha peith kananayi vatnaai dhyaar
Yim gayi  mandi hiend  baapari
Ati guv zaal modhur guftaar..."

( Avtar Mota)

In English, I would say this...

(New Merchants)
( What  company you have opted,?
Which shops you are entering?
These businessmen trade in human sufferings.
Sweet words on tongue ,
and a dagger hidden under the cloak,
they are  masters in the art of denying what they say.
Open not your tongue,
confide not  your sorrows to them ,
They may trade them like a commodity and fill  their coffers.
They are the new merchants of the market,
their apparent sweet conversation is to allure and entrap  .)

(Avtar Mota)

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