Friday, September 11, 2020




I go to my fruit seller to buy apples and Kiwi. I buy the golden variety Kiwi for rupees  forty per piece. And he says:

" Today ,I am going to give you new variety of  apple .They call it GALA. We have tasted it in our family. Very sweet and juicy. It is a European or American  variety now grown in Kashmir.I am buying it for the first time .Try it Sir.I have tried it in  my family."

"Give this Delicious variety  . It is already tested and tried since decades."

" Sir , I give you Ambri, I give you golden, I give you American, I give you Maharaja,I give you Razaakvaari, Chamura  and the autumn Treil. Did you ever feel that I gave you something wrong?  Try this new apple  also. You will come again for GALA." 

" Okay, give me just one kg. Let me see this GALA."

And GALA from Kashmir tasted  sweet . It was Juicy and very close to the  Ambri apple of  Kashmir. Jammu fruit shops are filled with GALA  apples presently. Sold at rupees one  hundred per kg, it looks like an imported variety that is very recent to the  apple growers of Kashmir . I had seen this variety in  many stores in the US but never tasted it. In the US, I would prefer  the red Delicious  variety that was always  sweet  and juicy. 

Gala is  crisp and very sweet. You'll go gaga for Gala !

(Avtar Mota)

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