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( A beautiful Nirguna Verse by Kabir sung by  Lata Mangeshkar and Roop Kumar Rathore. Lata Ji alone has sung this verse . What Roop Kumar Rathore has added  are actually lines from a different verse  of  Kabir that compliments  the verse "Na mein  Dharami Nahin Adharmi .." .)

"Na mein  Dharami Nahin adharmi
na mein jati na kaami ho,
na mein kehta na mein sunata
na mein sevak swami ho,
na mein bandha na  hi mein mukta
na mein birat na rangi ho
na mein kahu se nayara hua
na kahu ke sangi ho,
na hum narak lok ko jaate
na hum swarg sidhare ho,
sab hi karam hamaara kiya
ham karman se nyare ho
Ye Mat Jo Koyee birla bujhe
So atal ho baitha ho
Na Kabir Kaho Ko thaape
Na Kahu Ko Mete Ho
na mein dharmi na hi adharmi
na mein jati na kaami ho..."

 ln English , I would say  ...

  "I am neither pious nor ungodly,
Neiither do I practice asceticism
nor sensuality,
I am neither a  speaker
nor the  listener,
I am neither a servant
nor the  master,
I am neither bonded
nor free,
I am neither detached
nor attached,
I am far from none,
I am near to none,
I shall go neither to hell
nor to the  heaven,
I perform all acts
yet I am separate from all actions,
Few comprehend my meaning:
he who can , sits unmoved,
"O Kabîr, I seek neither to establish
nor to destroy."
 I am neither pious nor ungodly,
Neiither do I practice asceticism
nor sensuality"

(Avtar Mota)

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