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MUHAMMAD ASHRAF.... Unsung Music Composer Radio Kashmir Srinagar.

" Darshan Dokh tsali tribhuvan laalai
.Pamposh maalai traavai nael.."

This Leela touched heights of popularity when Vijay Malla sang it .It was a Radio kashmir production. Not many people know that when Muhammad Ashraf composed music for this Leela, he specifically requested for using Vijay Malla's voice although it was planned to use a female voice for this composition. The music matched the intensely devotional feelings conveyed by the Leela. In Radio Kashmir, he was seen working closely with Pandit Bhajan Sopori . He also worked with Dewan Virender Mohan in Doordarshan ,Srinagar. Always, sober, obedient and full of compassion.

Two other compositions of  Muhammad Ashraf that he did for vijay Malla are:

1 Zindaa Rozana baapat Chhe maraan luuk.
2 Na draav Natchini hawas kaanh 

As I look back, I find some more songs composed to perfection by this unsung Maestro Muhammad Ashraf. A great player of harmonium ,he was an ace football player who represented J&K SRTC in various National matches.  He was  the definition of a gentleman.

   ( Muhammad Ashraf standing second from right and waving . He is with his football team. Photo courtesy.. Amin Baba )

About him Prof  Jaya Parimu writes :

Unassuming , simple , true to purity and sweetness of music ,his compositions became hit and luckily Vijay Malla became almost like his muse . I often called him to play harmonium as accompanist along with other instrumentalists for musical features staged before dignitaries in college auditorium. Never flaunted his creative self , remained obedient to seniors ,same as great masters remain unsung and unknown working under "Naami-Garaami" composers .May God rest his soul in peace .”

 Syed Zeeshan Fazil writes :

“Muhammad Ashraf from Bagwanpora Barbarshah was an employee of JK Road Transport Corporation .He was a versatile football player and was playing for Transport foot ball team as a player with Farooq Ahmad, M yousf Dar and others in late 60's. He had a passion for Kashmiri music which brought him to Radio Kashmir and joined the company on Nasarullaha Khan, Gh.Nabi sheikh and many other male/ female artists of RK. .He composed numerous songs for the singers of the valley which earned lot of name and fame at a time when Radio used to be the voice of the valley. The most famous Ghazal of Fazil Kashmiri " Az ti ma Aaham " By Muneer Ahmad Mir was also composed by him. During mid 80's he composed many Kashmiri songs for Doordarshan "Abshaar" when I was its producer. Ashraf Sahib. was a lovely human being, very soft and gentle. His untimely death was a great loss to Kashmiri music world. May his soul rest in peace.”

He died  untimely  during his stage performance. Peace be to his  soul. 

(Avtar Mota)

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