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This 9.3 Km long tunnel is an engineering Marvel. It has shortened the road distance between Jammu and Srinagar by about 33 kms . The new alignment bypasses KUD, PATNITOP and BATOTE , three Prominent Hill stations on Jammu Srinagar Highway .

  The Air inside the Tunnel has noticeable dust particles . I felt so as we passed through the tunnel on 20th October 2018 . Why is it so ? Needs to be looked into .

Built at a cost of 3720 crores, The tunnel bypasses so many avalanche and landslide-prone areas on the highway. 

I remember having visited the site in 2012 for securing Business for the Bank. I met some  officials of LEIGHTON WELSPUN or LW , a company that was engaged in excavation work for the Tunnel at that time. The company had set up their office cum residential complex under Deodar trees about 1 km above the highway near the Tunnel. 

 LEIGHTON is Australia's largest project development and contracting group while WELSPUN was their Indian collaborator . Later, the Project was awarded to ITNL by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

. I am told that about 1500 engineers, geologists, skilled workers and labourers were employed to complete the project. The project provided employment to about 2000 persons of our state.

( Avtar Mota)

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