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( Mobile photos ... Autar Mota )

The search for Lotus roots ( Nadru )  finally ended at China town . Collard Greens (Kaachhi Haak) was a Bonus .

As we come out from the   underground Canal Street Metro station , We start moving towards   China Town. This Street lies close to  Little Italy or Soho Locality . Coming closer to HSBC Building , we   try to seek help from shopkeepers .

" Which side are the vegetable shops?" I ask a smiling Chinese shop keeper selling  so many  Varieties of   dried fish ( Hogaad), dried shrimps and dried Mushrooms.

"What ? I  Don’t follow what  you say." Comes the reply.

We move ahead and speak to another Chinese boy selling Fresh  Baby Coconuts ( Full of water )  on the street.

" You understand English"
"Yeah "
"How much one Coconut?"
" Two Dollar fifty Cent ."
" Where are vegetables sold?"
" Two blocks and make a  left.  So Many  .All good ."

We move towards the suggested destination. It turns out to be a Chinese Restaurant. We feel disappointed. On footpaths ,  We see some  Afro- Americans selling low-priced goods to Tourists. Goods like key rings ,sunglasses, Purses , Bags, toys, wrist watches, caps, wall pictures etc.etc.They keep crying :

" Hey Guys. This way. This way. You gonna buy everything solid .Everything gonna cheap,Yeah  sir. Madam. You Wanna  Purse . Here go 5 dollars.”

I come closer to   a smiling man  selling caps . He has every reason to welcome us as customers.
“ Buy sir.  Madam , I gonna give good caps. Good ones . Take  home.”

“ No. Thanks. We are looking for a vegetable shop. Can you guide us ? We want to buy Vegetables.”

“ What ? Cooked dish ! ”

“ No . Raw . Fresh from farm like kohlrabi, Collard Greens, Tomatoes, Cilantro, Kale, Pumpkin, Gourd, eggplants,  Carrots , Potatoes etc etc.  We Wash . We Cut and then we put on  boil in the kitchen .We eat finally . That is what we want to buy.”

“ O ! I get it. You wanna go  fresh produce Store. Here you say vegetable,  they gonna guide you  Restaurant .They Gonna think cooked Dish.  Go One Block and make a right .  There that market ,So many shop sell fresh farm  produce. ”

We follow the suggested path and cross the footpath where chinese women were selling fruits like  double cherries, Mexican Mangoes , Apricots , Watermelons, muskmelons, pears, apples, plums and   Bananas. Suddenly we find some vegetable shops. Fresh vegetables are on display on the footpath outside  these spacious shops. We stop at  a vegetable shop.  Variety of Collard greens.  Yes Our Haak Saag in various shapes and leaf sizes.

“ What is this ? ”
“This is Jai-lan. Good  . One  Dollar fifty Cents for a pound .”
“ And that “
“Bok Choy ”
 “ Do you have lotus stem ?”
“ What? “
“ Long stem of Lotus Flower. Tubes like inside when cut.  Grows in water. Used for making Dish . In China, also  used for making  medicine . ”
“ Come  Come  . See inside the Shop.  ”
We go inside the shop. He opens a cardboard Box . Something   in Chinese is printed on the Box. As he removes the grass we find   Nadrus looking like turnips. The man looks at my face . I smile and he  smiles too.
“ No  Stem . Say Lotus Root). Say “Lian Ou ”  next time here in this market.”

I was told by a chinese family over here that they love serving lotus root in their  cuisine. They also use other lotus products like  lotus seeds, lotus leaf and lotus root powder to make different kinds of dishes and desserts.
( Autar Mota )

Eating  lotus roots raw can spread parasites or bacterial infections. Therefore, always cook( boil,  stir fry or deep fry ) lotus roots before eating or adding them to your diet.

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