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               ( At Macy's Store Manhattan)

             ( Mushroom decoration in  Window  of HM Apparel store Harold Square  Manhattan)                   

          ( Decorations Inside Macy's Store Manhattan)

  (Christmas Tree Outside White House Washington DC)

      ( Biggest Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Centre to be opened for Public on 29th November 2017)


(Mobile Photos... Autar Mota)

Shops are being decorated in NYC. Christmas Trees with colorful lights welcome you in Markets. Discounts and Sales at every store.  Purchases for friends and family . Illuminations.. Food for poor and homeless outside so Many churches. A mood to donate and spend on charity. Plans to spend Holidays with parents and family.

"Mom ! Love you. I am gonna to spend some quality time with you. Coming over during Christmas Holidays. Love you Mom."

" Sis (sister) , Love you. How you feeling now ?  love to kids. See you in Christmas Holidays "

" So Grandma you are with us during Christmas . Love you."

" You not visiting parents on Christmas? What kinda man you?"

That is what I heard.

In Boston A Cab driver told us:

"Sir , in Boston or in entire  New England (the American States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine),  we have shops called 'Christmas Shops' that only sell Christmas decorations and toys all the year round!   For Christmas, be  guests of my family ."

And in NYC, we find  people   decorating the outer space of their houses with lights . We see  statues of Santa Claus, Snowmen and Reindeer outside some houses or shop windows. Rockerfeller Center  is preparing to put up a  huge Christmas Tree close to the  public ice skating rink . So shall it be at Bryant Park where the public Ice Skating Rink is since functional.

Advertisement Magazine "Time Out New York " in its latest  issue writes:

" It is not officially Christmas in NYC until the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree is lit with more than 50000 multi coloured  LED lights. Thousands flock to Rockefeller Plaza   to marvel at the Norway Spruce during the official  lighting ceremony on 29th November , which includes Musical Performances."

Visit any  store, shop or restaurant, without doubt you shall hear "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells"  or "Santa Claus is coming to Town " or " White Christmas " and similar
Christmas  songs . This is the Time to remember all those childhood songs

Christmas is arriving  to  revive and strengthen bonds ,
 love and family ties. Empathy and Goodwill is in the Air from all sides. That is what I felt.
 And  "No man is an island" .

( Autar Mota)

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