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He belonged to a Liberal Pathan family that had come to India and settled at Jabalpore much before the partition of the country . The family traces its roots to King Amanullah of Afghanistan.
Rehman Khan ( 1921-1979 ) was born at Lahore but the family moved to Jabalpore where he graduated from Robertson college and joined Royal Indian airforce as a Pilot in1942 . He resigned from Air force in 1944 and moved to films . The first major role that he earned was for a movie called Shahjahaan . He starred in about 70 movies as a lead man looking strikingly handsome in appearance , suave and aristocratic .The memorable roles that he played are from movies like WAQT, SAHIB BIBI AUR GHULAM ,PYAASA and CHAUDHAVIN KA CHAAND . Who does not  remember the fantastic demeanor that he put up in these roles ? I still remember the scene, where a dead drunk Chhote sarkar (Rehman ) forces the pungent ferment ( Liquor ) down Meena Kumari’s gullet indicating  of  her unstoppable slip into addiction and defeat. And the song "Na Jao Saiyan Chhudaake Baiyan" picturised on Rehman and Meena Kumari is simply unforgettable.

Renowned Pakistani male kathak dancer Fasi Ur Rehman known as Chhote Birju Maharaj is his nephew .Another nephew of this  actor is Faisal Rehman noted TV and film personality from across the border . Massud ur Rehman ( father of Faisal and Fasi ur ) , his youngest brother is a well known cinematographer from Pakistan.

Rehman suffered three massive heart attacks in 1977 but died of throat cancer in 1979.
I end this post with lines from a poem Naya Ahang by noted urdu poet late Akhtar ul Iman (1915–1996).

Loghaat alfaaz Ka ek Dher hai Lafzon Pe mat Jaana ,
Nayaa Ahang Hotaa Hai Moratab Lafz o Maani Kaa ,
Mere Haq Mein abhi Kuchh Faisalaa Saadir Naa Farmaana ,
Mein Jiss Din Aaoongaa Taaza Loghaat Hamraah Laoongaa .
( Akhtar Ul Iman )

The dictionary is nothing but a heap of words,
Be Cautious and discreet !
A fresh design is in the offing to define everything anew.
Pray , Don’t pass any judgment at the instant .
The day I come my Lord ,
I shall bring along with me the new Lexicon.

( Autar Mota )

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