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 And then the stormy winds lashed against river Vitasta . The tiny drops breathed fresh life into the Poplars . Some said here comes the Monsoon . But then Monsoons never cross PirPanjal . So does Agha Shahid Ali believe .

Agha Shahid Ali appears to be fond of Monsoon rains . He has touched Monsoon rains in a good number of poems that he wrote .

Adds Agha Ashraf Ali .

“ See Shahid was deeply attached to his mother. Since she was from Lucknow , Monsoon Rains were a part of her childhood memories . And then shahid would accompany his mother to her parental home where he too got attracted to this wonderful season of the plains ."

I add a poem .. The Season of the Plains .. from “Half Inch Himalayas ”. The poem clearly conveys what Agha sahib said about Agha shahid and his mother .

In Kashmir,
Where the year has four clear seasons ,
My mother spoke of her childhood
In the plains of Lucknow ,
And of that season in itself ,
The Monsoon ,
When Krishna ‘s flute is heard on the shores of Jamuna .
She played old records of Benaras thumri singers ,
Siddheshwari and Rasoolan ,
Their voices longing ,
When the clouds gather ,
For that blue invisible God .
Separation can not be borne when the rains come:
This every lyric says .
While children run out into the alleys ,
Soaking their utter summer ,
Messages pass between the lovers .
Heer and Ranjha and others of legends ,
Their love forbidden ,
Burned incense all night ,
Waiting for answers ,
My mother hummed Heer’s Lament
But never told me if she also burned sticks of jasmine that ,
Dying, kept Raising soft necks of Ash .
I imagined each neck leaning on the humid air .
She only said :
The Monsoons never cross the mountains into the Kashmir .

( Agha Shahid Ali )

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