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Snow near Partaap Park srinagar Dec 2010.

Snow , City and Faiz Ahmed Faiz

(Sochney Do)

Ek Zaraa Sochney Do
Iss Khayabaan Mein
Jo iss Lehzaa Bayabaan Bhi Nahin,
Kaun si Shaakh Mein Phool Aaye The sab se pehlay,
Kaun Be rang Huyee Ranj o Taab Se Pehlay,
Kiss Ghari kaun se Mausam mein Yahaan ,
Khoon Kaa Qehat Paraa,
Gul Ki Shah Rag Pe Kara Waqt Paraa,
Sochney Do,
Ek Zaraa Sochney Do
Yeh Bharaa  Shehar jo ab vaadi e  veeraan bhi nahin,
Iss mein Kiss waqt Kahaan ,
Aag Lagee thi Pehaley ,
Iss ke saf Bastaa dareechon mein  se kiss mein Avval,
Zeh huyee surkh Shuaaon ki Kamaan,
Kiss Jagah Joat Jagi thi Pehaley ,
 Sochney Do
Hum Se iss Desh Kaa Tum Naam o Nishaan poochhtey ho,
Jis Ki Taareekh Na Jugraafiya ab yaad Aaye ,
Aur Yaad Aaye To Mehboob e Guzishtaa ki tarah ,
Ruu b Ruu Aane se  Ji Gabraaye ,
Haan Magar Jaise Koyee ,
Aissey Mehboob Kaa dil Rakhney ko ,
Aa Nikaltaa hai Kabhi raat Bitaane Ke liye ,
Hum Ab iss umr ko Pahunchey hain jab hum Bhi Yuun Hi,
Dil se Miltay hain bas Rasm Nibhaane ke liye
Dil Ki Kyaa poochhtey Ho
 Sochney Do

( Faiz Ahmed Faiz )

Let Me Think

Let me think , Just a while ,
In this garden
Which at this moment is not even a wilderness,
On which bough sprouted the primal flowers
And which flower first blanched
With grief and fatigue ?
And before this _
At which moment , and during which season
Were we struck with the drought of blood
And the flower’s Jugular vein smarted
Under time’s harshness_
Let me think.
Let me think a little .
This teeming city ,now not even a desolate valley _
Here , when and where
Did the first fire breakout ;
In which one of its arrayed windows
Was first born the arc of blood drenched flames _
And where did the first light flash?
Let me think.
You ask me the whereabouts of that country
Whose history and geography now elude my memory
And , if at all recalled somehow ,
It’s like a beloved of the past encountering whom , face to face ,
The heart feels unnerved _
But yes , as if someone
Just to cheer up his lover ,
Shows up sometime to spend the night .
I have now reached at that point
When even if I go over to meet my beloved
It shall be just for a ritual’s sake .
What is there to ask of my heart ?_
Let me think

( Translation By Shiv K Kumar )

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